Buy A Belt

I know people are going different places in life. If everyone’s a boss, who’s really working, right? But sometimes, if you are a worker who wants to be the boss, you have to act like the boss. And, because people often see you before they hear you, you should be trying to dress like the boss too.

It’s pretty simple honestly. If you want success and you see that most of the people who have an abundance of success (not Lil’ TerRio 15 minutes of fame success) dress a certain way, maybe you should try to dress like them sometimes. You cannot be 25 years old with 18 pairs of Jordans and not one single belt. That makes no sense. So stop walking around with your pants sagging and claiming to be a grown man. Yes, Rick Ross does it but he is an entertainer. Before any of you say, “Well so am I. I got a mixtape out,” let me differentiate what he is from what you are. Rick Ross’ full time job is to entertain. He doesn’t have to do anything else to make ends meet. He doesn’t need a backup plan anymore. You are an aspiring artist. When rap makes you millions, feel free to sag all you want. But until then, dress like you want to be the next Bill Gates. Shoot, even Jay-Z grew up and decided sagging wasn’t the move for him. Maybe it’s time to trade in one of those pairs of J’s for a few belts that will match every pair of dress shoes you own.

Just my suggestion.

My strong suggestion.


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