The 10 Most Useful Buffer Features for a More Powerful Social Media Presence

If you know me well, you know Buffer is one of my FAVORITE apps to use.  It keeps my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles up to date without me having to even visit the sites.  A few months back I stumbled across this article and just now found it again.  Here are a few great tips for using buffer and getting the most out of it.

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013

When Joel started Buffer, its aim was to help you schedule Twitter updates for smarter sharing. It’s come a long way since then, and now we have lots of features to help you improve your social media presence across a whole bunch of networks.

To help you get the most out of Buffer, we collected 10 of the most useful features together into this post.


1. Using Feedly and Buffer: Keep your Buffer full with amazing content at all times!

If you enjoy reading RSS feeds and catching up on the news of the day, Feedly is an awesome way to do that.

Why people love the Feedly & Buffer combo:

  • Add what you’re reading to your Buffer without opening a new app or browser window
  • Grab all the details of the article (title, URL, etc.) quickly and easily
  • Make filling up your Buffer part of your reading time

Feedly is one of the smartest and most beautifully designed newsreading apps for iOS, Android and web. It syncs across all your devices and lets you find and read the best content for whatever topics you’re interested in.

Feedly now comes with Buffer integration built right into it. Any article you are reading you can easily add to your Buffer queue.

For the web version, each article carries a Buffer button that works just like our browser extension. Every time you find something worth sharing, hit the Buffer icon and you are good to go:


The Buffer iOS integration is done via a brand new Buffer iOS sheet for apps, which gives you an easy way to add new updates all of your accounts. At the same time, it should be super easily accessible on the top right from any article. Filling up your Buffer and keeping it full couldn’t be any more convenient:

Plus, you can easily highlight sections of what you’re reading and the text will be automatically added to your post when you click the Buffer button!


2. Schedule retweets: Use Buffer to share other people’s tweets anytime

Retweeting is one of my favourite uses of Twitter, since the people I follow share such amazing content all the time. Buffer makes this process even easier for me, and better for my followers.

Why people love retweeting with Buffer:

  • Spread retweets out so you don’t overwhelm your followers all at once
  • Add retweets to your Buffer account as you catch up on Twitter—no waiting, but your tweets get spaced out for you
  • Add variety to your Buffer account by sharing other people’s tweets as well as your own

Being able to schedule your retweets with Buffer gives you an awesome opportunity to show your support for other people’s tweets without flooding your followers with too much content at once.

First up, let’s look at scheduling retweets from the web. This is super easy and works with the click of a button. The first thing you need is the Buffer browser extension.

Now, whenever you are seeing something that’s worth sharing, you can hit the Buffer button:

It’ll give you the chance to easily schedule the retweet from that Twitter account. You can also schedule the retweet for multiple accounts:

That’s it. Fill up your Buffer with as many retweets as you want. And of course, you can do this for multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. Grab our Awesome Plan if you want to have more than 1 Twitter account connected and then add retweets to your heart’s content.

Now that you are scheduling retweets from all around the web, we’ve also got another cool way for you to do so: from anywhere on mobile. The way this works is super simple: You email the Tweet to your secret Buffer email address. That’s it.

You can grab your secret Buffer email from here:

Get your secret Buffer email address

All you have to do is send a tweet to your secret Buffer email address and you are all set with another great retweet scheduled in your queue:


3. Followerwonk and Buffer: send your Tweets at the best time

The best time to post tweets and other social media updates is one of the most common questions we get about social media. We’ve looked at optimal timing before, but when it comes to Twitter specifically, Buffer’s integration with Followerwonk can make it even easier to work this out.

Why people love using Followerwonk with Buffer:

  • Easily find out what times your followers are online
  • Find out when followers of influential people or your friends are online
  • Set up an optimized Buffer schedule with a click

We couldn’t be any more excited to have teamed up with the folks from Followerwonk, an amazing Twitter analytics tool, to deliver the best times to Tweet for you. And from there, you can easily export your optimal Tweeting times straight into Buffer.

All that’s left thereafter is for you to find great articles, links and more, add them to your Buffer and you’ll be sharing at the best times to reach most of your audience.

The first, and most obvious way to find out about the best times to Tweet is to simply head to the Followerwonk homepage and hit “Analyze Followers”:

From there, simply add your own Twitter handle into the box and choose “analyze their followers” to get optimal Tweeting times:

Now, you’ll get a beautiful graph from Followerwonk showing you exactly when most of your followers will be online.

All you have to do is select how many times a day you want to have setup for Tweeting and hit “Schedule at Buffer”:

It will then automatically create a new schedule for you with these optimal times in Buffer and voila, you’ve got an optimized Twitter schedule:

For the rest of the list, visit the Buffer Blog.


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