Why the Digital Skills Gap Is a Productivity Killer (Infographic)

0BY Graham Winfrey  @GrahamWinfrey

Just one out of ten employees in the U.S. consider themselves proficient with the digital tools they use. Do your workers have the skills they need to help your business succeed?

Roughly 200 million adults in the U.S. today make up the “digital workforce,” where productivity requires skills using a number of digital platforms.

Amazingly, only one out of ten workers from this group rate themselves as proficient with the digital tools they use, according to video training company Grovo.

This skills gap costs the U.S economy a whopping $1.3 trillion every year, and comes at a time when productivity growth is already down over historical periods. For example, the Wall Street Journal reports that the average U.S. worker’s output has risen just 1.3 percent per year during the past five years, well below the 2.3 percent figure during the 20 years leading up to the economic crisis.

The infographic below from Grovo outlines the cost of the digital skills gap and which skills are essential for the 21st century workforce.


IMAGES: Getty Images, Grovo

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