Controlled Externalities Series: Introduction

Over the next few Well-Dressed Wednesdays, I will be posting on the topic of . It is of the utmost importance because, when thinking about your personal brand, you not only need to take your outfit into account when examining your appearance but also the physical aspects of your body that you can control, ranging from skincare to your haircut to your style of facial hair to your workout regiment to the fragrance you choose to associate yourself with. All of these things play major role in how you are perceived by (potential) recruiters, superiors, and clients.


Though this series will be based on my knowledge of how image impacts branding, I will be reaching out to experts in various fields to get their inputs and build my knowledge base as well. Please feel free to chime in with comments and let me and the rest of the Daniels Daily Readership know your take on the different topics.


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