In Pursuit of Perfection

I was having a talk with a close friend and fellow entrepreneur this past week about giving your all to a project. We both agreed that, regardless of the task, if it relates to your brand as a professional, perfection must be the goal. Whether you’ve taken on a free task or you’re a consultant for a household name, everything needs to be double- and triple-checked, down to the details.

The conversation arose because we were looking at a branding job done by a social media consulting firm that evidently knew little more now about the field than I did 3 years ago. The person working on the project obviously wasn’t reading articles about the field of social media marketing, hadn’t taken any courses on website development, and had done little to no market research to figure out how to best help their client. This was going to result not only in the client being unsuccessful but it was clear that the mark hit would not be close to the finishing line.

When you have the chance to make an impact, no matter how large or small, you have to strive for perfection. Anything less is unacceptable.


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