Let’s Clear a Few Things Up

Good morning and welcome to another Well-Dressed Wednesday.  As I said last week, I will be spending the next few weeks on a series titled “Controlled Externalities” which focuses on those aspects of your appearance that you have control over but aren’t apart of your actual wardrobe.

I want to start the series off by focusing on your skin.  No, not in terms of race, but instead in terms of clarity.  In a perfect world, you would never be judged on your externals and instead on the quality of work you produce but that’s not reality and, within the first minute of meeting you, most people can decide whether or not they want to develop a relationship with you, be it business or personal.  So you should do all you can to enhance your chances of giving off a favorable impression to those persons with whom you want to do business and/or work for.

Of course, there are issues that impact your skin that you have no control over but there are some things that you can affect for the better.  One of those things is the amount of oil that is visible in your face.  A standard facial cleanser such as a Neutrogena or Clearasil is sufficient when hoping to reduce that oil factor.  In addition to a basic cleanser, I have also found that using an exfoliating cream has been effective for clearing out any other undesirables that I may find occasionally.

More often than not though, the old adage “You are what you eat” comes into play when discussing skincare.  You cannot eat pizza everyday and expect to have skin that does not reflect that.  The oil will come out of your pores.  Or worse, you’ll have a huge pimple on a morning when you really don’t need one.  Maintaining a diet that follows the  food pyramid we learned about as kids is imperative to keeping your skin as clear and healthy as possible.

Lastly, I will say you must protect your skin with a moisturizer of some type.  Not all moisturizers are for everyone and not all moisturizers that are for you are for everywhere on your body.  I have facial, hand, and body lotions/creams that I use.  I strongly recommend trying a few different ones out and seeing which works best for the different areas on your body.  And let’s not forget the moisturizer for your lips.  Whether you use ChapStick, Burt’s Bees, or some other form of lip balm, you need to make sure your lips don’t look like you just ate a powdered doughnut right before the meeting that can make or break your career.

Best of luck when looking for the right cleansers, lotions, creams, and balms for you.  And, if you have found something that has worked well for you, please leave your comment below so that your fellow readers can benefit from it.  Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your hump day.


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