Getting your nails done is for women, right? So let’s call it what it really is: a manicure. Keeping well-manicured fingernails is key when you are a business professional. As a man, when I meet you, I will notice three things other than your clothes when we meet: I will observe your hair (scalp and facial), the upkeep of your shoes, and your hands when we shake hands. Last week, we addressed skincare. But your nails are also a major part of your hands.

First, as a gentleman, your nails ought to be clipped. The white tip showing is not unheard of but your fingernails should not be as long as a woman’s are fashioned.

Secondly, they must be clean. I strongly advise a nail brush. Clean your nails both regularly and well. People can see dirt caught between your fingernails and fingers from a mile away.

Lastly, I advise filing your nails. No one wants to be scratched by jagged nails. Simple as that.

The details is where your success will come for. And that means every detail, even down to how well-kempt your fingernails are. So keep them up. Unless you want to make it to the final interview and get denied.


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