#TrendingThursday Week 113

It still baffles me that we’re 113 weeks into The Reader.  Thanks for choosing this site as your daily source of professional development articles.  As I do every Thursday, below you’ll find a few articles to help with your growth as a young professional.  Make sure you apply the ones you can and share the ones that may not be down your ally.  Thanks again and have a great weekend.  One more day!

How To Write A Real Deal Thank You Letter by Tim Windhof
The art of writing a thank you letter is just as important as that of writing a cover letter.  If done right, it can seal the deal on you getting a job.  If done improperly or not done at all, it can seal your fate as an eternal candidate with that company, placing you on a blacklist you will never get off of.  For any position you are serious about, I strongly recommend crafting a genuine thank you letter after each time you interview with a new person.  I prefer giving handwritten thank you’s but emails work as well.  Anyway, check the article out and definitely share it.


Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified by Tara Sophia Mohr
This is a great read for anyone who hires, but if you’re a minority, or more specifically a woman, it’s imperative that you check this out.  It will really open your eyes to much of the logic behind human resources and how you can either a) find more jobs you’re suited for or b) if you’re not a minority, develop a more diverse workforce.

3 Easy Résumé Fixes to Help You Make a Career Change by Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Many of my clients want to change fields but don’t know how to make their résumés reflect that.  If you’re looking to get started on updating your résumé or CV to reflect your ability to be successful in a field that you have little to no experience in, this is the article for you.

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