Retire a Millionaire on Just $35 a Week

One of the best people I ever met passed away nearly two weeks ago but, as I looked back through our texts messages this week, I was reminded of some financial wisdom she shared with me.  She pointed me to, a site that assists with principled financial advice.  This article can be found in its entirety at Dave Ramsey’s site (link at the bottom of this post) but I just wanted to provide you with an excerpt of what you’ll find there.  Make sure you share it so that we can all retire comfortably and hopefully leave something to our family members other than insurance money at best and bills at worst.

Not everyone has a big cushy salary. Plenty of folks out there work hard just to make minimum wage. Or maybe you make a decent salary but have suffered financial setbacks due to emergencies. Heck, even providing for a family of four can be expensive!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money for a comfortable future.

A Surprising Formula for Success

Typically, we talk about investing in percentages: Dave recommends contributing 15% of your household income into tax-advantaged retirement accounts to retire comfortably. Everyone’s 15% is different and may be big or small depending on your salary.

But what if we broke it down into a number that’s easy for everyone to relate to—a figure that could easily cover a dinner out or a week’s worth of daily super-sized lattes?

Let’s see what kind of future $35 a week could afford you if you invest in good growth stock mutual funds. That would be 15% of an approximately $12,000 salary—$3,000 less than what you’d bring home in a year if you worked 40 hours a week at the federal minimum wage.

—In 20 years, you could retire with $110,000 to $150,000.
—In 30 years, you could retire with $330,000 to $490,000.
—In 40 years, you could retire with $890,000 to $1.5 million!

Keep in mind, this example doesn’t take annual raises into account. You’re not stuck at today’s income. Work hard for your money and you’ll get raises along the way. Imagine how your nest egg could look if you increase your contributions as your income grows!

Don’t Have 40 Years to Invest?

That’s okay! It just means you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and give it everything you’ve got in the time you do have.

To read the rest of the article, click here to visit


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