#TrendingThursday Week 118

You’re almost there! One more day and the week will be over. Take a second away from your work and check out one of these articles. It just might make for a nice conversation starter with your supervisor. Thanks for the continued support of The Reader. It’s you who keeps this blog going strong.

9 Ways to Up Your PR Game by Rebekah Iliff
No matter what industry you’re in, public relations is your key to either being looked up to or being looked down on. Having a knowledgeable PR consultant is key to capitializing on good publicity and effectively combating attention that has harmed your brand. One thing my great grandmother always told me is that it takes years to build a good reputation but one poor decision can demolish it. Make sure you’ve got the right people protecting that brand.

What Are the Top Interview Questions to Practice?
There is no way to know exactly what an interviewer will ask before an interview. But there are some questions that will more than likely be asked in one way or another over the course of an interview. This Undercover Recruiter article gives those of us on the job hunt a good look at what you should prepare for.

What is your lack of follow-up costing you? by Melinda Emerson
How many people have you told “I’ll be in touch” and forgotten to follow up with them? Do you think they’ve forgotten? You’re probably right. Until they see you again or your name comes up in a conversation. And then they remember “This person is so slack.” Thus, your brand has a blemish on it. So maybe you should make an effort to follow up. Just a suggestion.

13 ‘corporate-talk’ phrases you must learn before taking your first job by Lindsay Deutsch
You’ve got to know how to navigate your way around the office jargon. If you don’t, you’re bound to be lost and end up the butt of someone’s jokes. This post on USA Today’s blog gives you a handful of terms you should be familiar with when you step into your first corporate job.


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