Selecting Your Supsenders

Suspenders are pretty neat, aren’t they?  They’re becoming more and more popular but there are those of us who will wear them long after the trend passes.  And, if you’re one of those people (or if not), I have some advice for you: Wear them right.

Clip on suspenders are all well and good… when you’re 10.  But, gentlemen, at the age of 20, you should really be looking for a more classic look.  My suggestion is that you have all of your suits fitted with suspender buttons and purchase those old fashioned suspenders.  You know, the one that your granddad had your grandma sew buttons into all his slacks for?

What’s the difference you may ask?  Well, though clip on suspenders serve the same purpose as buttoned ones, ones that are buttoned into your pants are sturdier, provide added support to your pants, and they look much more professional.

Brown Handcrafted Western Leather - Plain w/CreaseIf you’re wearing jeans, you can go either way.  Personally, I dig the snap-style suspenders with the leather straps.  Not professional in the least but certainly far from lackadaisical.


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