Leave It All on the Field

When I played football, my coach always said before every game, “Leave it all on the field.”  What he meant was do your best and, after it’s done, let it be done.  You can’t undo what has already come to pass.

The same is true for your work day or your semester (depending on what phase of life you’re in).  You do your best every single day.  Build knowledge by reading.  Build wisdom by learning from what assisted in your successes and what has caused you to fail.  Observe others so that you can avoid as many of their pitfalls as possible.   For example, my late father had a ton of great characteristics that I picked up and a few character traits that could impede my success that latched onto my personality as well.  I am learning to train myself to build on my strengths and minimize my weaknesses, redirecting them in such a way that they too become strengths.

I cannot change what already is but I can give my all so that I can know, when the day or game or semester or, in my case, the speaking engagement, is over, I’ve left it “all on the field.”  Reflect on your shortcomings but don’t dwell on them.  Learn from them, strengthen your weak spots, reinforce your strong ones, and keep it moving.  Leave it all on the field.  The last down was the last down… until your next one comes.  And, if you’re lucky enough to live another day, write another paragraph, play another game, or flip another burger, know that you gave it all you could.


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