What is Movember All About?

Guys! What’s going on? We’re not shaving this month right? It’s cool, right? But why aren’t we shaving? Not because it’s cool. Actually, we’re not shaving because we’re trying to raise awareness. The same way that we wore pink or purple last month to raise awareness surrounding breast cancer or domestic violence, respectively. So what’s the cause of the month in Movember? I’m so glad you asked. This month, we are raising awareness and dollars for men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems. I bet you didn’t know all of that. But now you do. And since you know, it only makes sense to do two things: 1) Follow @MovemberUSA (Twitter)/@Movember (Instagram) and use the hashtags #Movember on social media to replace or in conjunction with #NoShaveNovember so that people ask “Hey, what’s #Movember?” 2) Donate whatever you can to the cause. Even if it’s just the additional change you have in your bank account, it can help fund research and programs that work to erradicate the problems of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s mental health problems. One of my brothers has joined the fight against these issues and, if you would toss him whatever you can (whether a million dollars or a million cents). The link to support the cause is http://mobro.co/Bruhsonthemove. So, as you neglect shaving this month and your significant other or mother or boss says you need to, let them know that it’s not just a trend. Let them know it is a movement. And then let them know they can donate to the cause.


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