Maintenance in Movember

This past Friday, I posted about Movember and its importance. Well today I want to address the reason so many men do not participate in the symbolic month: It takes away from their clean cut appearance.

We are at a point in American corporate history in which it is more acceptable to don a full beard or mustache in many offices. Still, allowing one or the other to remain unkempt in a professional setting is frowned upon. So, whereas I have not cut the length of my beard this month (and do not intend to), this morning I had to trim around the edges of my mustache and clean up my beard’s neckline. Failing to do so is disrespectful to say the least. And, because I don’t yet sign my own paychecks, I must respect the environment in which I work.

So keep your beard. Let your mustache grow until it can’t anymore. Have fun. Be rugged. Participate in raising awareness. But do it with a level of professionalism. Because, unless you’re a model, your beard will not pay your bills.

Oh, and definitely keep your hairline looking tight. And your nails and hygiene and skincare. If everything else looks spectacular, your supervisors will recognize you’re not just letting your grooming completely fall by the wayside.

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One thought on “Maintenance in Movember

  1. Great blog post! Definitely agree with keeping those beards in tip top condition haha. Please check out our recent post on donations and raising awareness this ‘Movember’, we’d love to hear what you think! xo

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