What Path to Success?

Last week, I got home from work and I watched this film with my younger brother called Maze Runner.  I really wasn’t too into it but I need to give a brief summary of the film so that you all can understand how this film correlates with your journey to success: A clan of adolescents are trapped on a plot of land and the only way to get out is by going through a maze that changes every single day. Told you I’d be brief.

Professionally, I’m not where I’d like to be at 27 (my birthday is this upcoming Wednesday but I’ll go ahead and claim the age and pray that God keeps blessing me these next few days). As an entreprenuer, I am always focused on developing my brand but, at the same time, I am frequently placed in a position where I’m working a job just to get by. You see, in order to build a business, you have to have capital that will allow you to invest in that business. Now, it would be great if I could generate that capital while doing something intellectually stimulating or personally purposeful but, for the most part, I’ve found myself in positions that were less challenging these past few years since graduation. And I’d gotten to a point that made me wonder why I’d not struck gold yet. I went to college. Did well there. Took on leadership roles, interned, and networked. I had done all the things I was “supposed” to do. But I still saw myself as steps behind where I thought I ought to be at this point. And not as a result of my failure to try but instead an opportunity has yet to be presented to me.

Just like in the film, the maze shifts for everyone. And getting out is a matter of whether or not you’re willing to continue to try even after hitting a wall and being forced to start over. Some people come out of college with their professional lives on track but with horrible situations back home. And others will have all the money in the world to start their own companies but can’t find the relationships, romantic or otherwise, that will allow them to have a desireable work-life balance. I have some of the things that people who’ve reached professional “success” want. And they have some of the things that I want. But we’re all still in our mazes. There is no one path to success but the path to failure is a very simple four-letter word:


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