Adding to Your Wardrobe’s Lifespan

This season, I’m working for a major retailer and learning a lot about different brands of men’s clothes.  I was already well-versed on styles of dress and the rules of menswear but to get to know the difference in brands and what sets one apart from another is a totally new thing to me.

One thing I will say is, when you are able to afford it, add a new shirt and/or tie to your wardrobe every month. Add quality shoes when you find them and you won’t need to buy a pair every year. Add a suit every one to two years, depending on the quality that you’re looking to purchase. After learning what I’ve learned thus far while working at this store, you truly do get what you pay for. Now, when it comes to shirts, you can purchase a new one from TJ Maxx every week if you’d like and it won’t cost you more than $10. But when you find a good shirt that you really like and it costs, pay for it if you can. And take great care of it. The other day I sold 4 shirts to a gentleman and he paid $1,200 for them. But he really likes the way the brand fits on him. I cannot see paying that kind of money for four shirts but at the same time, that is 3 months of my half of the rent so it wouldn’t be the wisest decision to make. But, as I said before, adding pieces to your wardrobe every so often and taking care of that piece the proper way will add years of longevity to your wardrobe.


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