What Will You Be Known For?

So, I have some people who come to my website for the professional development.  And I love that.  Then I have others who come for the fashion tips.  I love that as well.  Though I am not a “professional fashion blogger,” people are taking my advice as far as that goes because I am well dressed more often than I am not.

I say that to say this: It is up to you to define your brand. You determine where your credibility lies. You build your name up so that people want to come to you with their questions or want to seek you out to play a role in their projects. For almost half a decade now, I’ve been assisting my target market (individuals between the ages of 18 and 40) in developing résumés, cover letters, business plans, and various other aspects of their business so that they too can be successful. I began speaking for free at workshops on professional dress, business etiquitte, and networking. Now I’m getting paid to do so. Companies that I’ve purchased clothes from before are sending me samples, asking me to write about them on my site. All of this is because I defined my brand. I know that, when it comes to professional development, I’ll never know it all but I will always know more than I did the day before. I am intentional in tagging each of my Instagram posts regarding men’s fashion with #TheStylishStylist. I am a brand. You are too. The difference for so many other people is that they allow those who look at them to define their brand. That’s working backwards. If Coca Cola allowed Pepsi to define their brand, the fact that Coke used to have cocaine as an active ingredient would probably be a point Pepsi would harp on. But, by Coca Cola choosing how they would be remembered, it became the leading soft drink company in the world.

So I ask, what will you be known for? Will you let your job define you or will you redefine your job and enhance the entire culture of the company around you? The choice is yours.


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