Customer Service is Everything

To all my entrepreneurs out there, I do not believe that the customer is always right.  Some customers cannot be pleased.  But I believe that a company should always utilize all of its resources to make sure that the customer/client has the best experience possible.  I recently had an experience with a company that was less than favorable.  The order that I placed was the most important I had ever placed in my life because it affects every aspect of my life.  And the company messed it up.  I spent thousands of dollars and the promise date was missed not once, not twice, but three times.  I was not contacted by associates or management after reaching out to the store multiple times.  So I decided to contact the corporate office, demanded my product be ready by the end of business this week, and a percentage of the overall cost be refunded to me.  First I emailed them and then I called.  Luckily for them, they complied and I didn’t have to post my detailed email all over the internet.  Sadly for them, they lost a great customer.  The week after making the purchase, I brought the salesman another customer.  Humbly speaking, my network and influence reach far enough to have a sizable impact on their business.

So give great service.  And follow up.  You never know who you’re working with and who they know.


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