What Are You Reading?

One thing I love doing is reading things that will expand my scope of understanding and my vocabulary. Whether historical, futuristic, biographical, economic, business-focused, leadership development, judicial, socioeconomic, or sci-fi, you can find it in my library. If it’s not a book, then I’m scanning news sites, magazines, and blogs for something to delve into on my ride in to work or my lunch break. I’ve found that being aware of what’s going on in multiple fields serves two purposes in my life: it helps my business because I can better advise my clients on professionalism in their fields and it helps me make new connections on a social level because I can hold conversations on everything from fashion to music to nuclear research to the stock market to new softwares being developed to… Well the list is endless. Reading truly is fundamental and, if you’re not reading something new related at least to your field, you should be.

So what are you reading? Whether an article or book, let me know in the comments. Thanks.



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