The Club

So, tonight* I’m at the club. A club party, to be exact. But all I’m doing while everyone else is “turning up” is observing. The club is branding at its best. Men come, buy drinks, act above all the nonsense, all with hopes of conning a woman into thinking he is a respectable gentleman (or, at the very least, an acceptable dance partner). Women come in, scantily clad, and dance with one another but refuse to engage in the act with a male partner b/c she wants to remain as “flawless” as she woke up as she gets escorted into a roped off area by a party host. All of this goes on in VIP while many others stand idly, watching.

You know what? This is excellent marketing. These people draw attention to themselves by dressing a certain way. They know all the lingo and dance moves that will make them appealing to their desired audience (generally the opposite gender). And they give off the appearance that their status adds value to the time you spend (not invest) in watching them.

Now, why don’t we approach the professional world in this manner? Why don’t we dress to impress employers/potential connections ? Why don’t we know all the correct moves to make on our résumés? These things are so important to our success but too often we’re concerned with meeting the wrong people.

So go out. Have fun. Turn up. But Monday through Friday, make the moves that will take out out of the local club and place you in the country club.


*Post written early Saturday morning.


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