What To Do When You Don’t Fit In

Sometimes you don’t fit in. And that is alright. Everyone can’t fit in all the time. The problem arises when you find a job at a company that just isn’t for you. We’ve all done it. For instance, in leaving Charlotte, I was put in a position where I needed to work and couldn’t be too picky. So I took a retail position as opposed to getting back to a desk, as I had come to find as ideal.

Now, many of you who have never worked retail (or who haven’t done so in quite some time) don’t think about what exactly goes into the field. But before the store opens, employees are there. After it closes, employees are there. Late night inventories are done one to two times a year. Weekends mean nothing to retail employees. For those who work only on commission as I do, weekends are actually the only days we want to work because weekday work can quickly turn into free labor if there are no customers around. And two days off in a row… Hahaha! That is a rarity.

That last paragraph may have had a negative undertone to it. But that’s because those criteria do not match with my values. For some people, the flexibility of a retail schedule in combination with being able to build loyal clientele is exactly what they’re looking for. I, on the other hand, like the stability that a Monday through Friday, 8-5, salary position provides. I get enough excitement with my own business. I, personally, don’t like not knowing how much my job OR my own entrepreneurial endeavors will provide. That defeats the purpose of having a job and building your own private business. The job is supposed to definitely be able to supplement the business.

I say all that to say this: find a culture that works for you. I have friends and family members that truly love retail and sales. And, if being good at it were enough for me, I too would love it. But it does not stimulate my intellect enough. That, in addition to the time commitment required make me realize that, outside of seasonal work, retail culture is a last resort for me. So, if you have to take a job to make ends meet, by all means, do so. But when you’re looking for a career, research company cultures and find a match. Just this past week, I interviewed with a company that provides the benefits, training, and support that I would like as well as the schedule and values align with mine. Make sure you’re making those correct matches and really putting in the time to get to know the company. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and even more heartaches.


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