When A Little Goes A Long Way

I’d like to think we were all taught good manners as youth. Amongst those, likely the first, is to be thankful. Remember when you’d get a lollipop at the bank and your parent would tell you “Say thank you?” Ok, you may or may not remember it but it happened. Well, the same applies for job interviews. In a day and age where time seems more scarce than ever, people want to know that their time is valued. So, one to two business days after a job interview, a thank you card should be written or, the day after, you should send out an email. I personally prefer sending handwritten thank you cards because snail mail is such a rarity these days that it help you stand out. Everyone can type up a three or four line email but, by taking the time to sit and put the words down on paper, you let the interviewer know that you took time out to do this as opposed to just typing it on the fly.

Now, I certainly don’t do this for every position I interview for. Some interviews are just practice. Some are “means to an end” positions that I’ve taken just to put food on the table. But for those that I am truly interested in, a thank you card or email will be sent.


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