Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise

These are just two contrasting acronyms I found when I searched the web for “fear accronyms” but, in reality, fear is what you make it. Last night I had a discussion with one of my closest friends about one of my greatest fears. This fear has impeeded my success and, though my friend didn’t know what that fear was, she did address the wall that I have hit professionally. This forced me to examine why I had hit this wall and, by doing this, I took ownership of a fear that I had internalized.
Fear is not a bad thing. There are times that fear keeps us logical and keeps us out of danger. But when it keeps us from reaching out potential, it needs to be regulated and refocused. So don’t let the monster under the bed keep you from going to sleep at night. Chances are it’s probably not really there anyway.


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