I Don’t Even Know Who to Blame

Proper nouns should be capitalized. Unless it is a themeatic decision on your part, all of your writing ought to include proper capitalization and punctuation. Sure, there are typos but typing “durham, north carolina” on your LinkedIn profile is not a typo. It is you not knowing that you need to capitalize the name of a city. But what’s worse is you have “Chapel Hill, North Carolina” written properly on the position before that one. So at that point I think “It’s not that he doesn’t know. Writing just doesn’t come naturally to him and he’s being lazy by not proof reading.”

I just saw these typos on the LinkedIn profiles of two college graduates I know, one who is planning on going to get his masters within the next year. If you can’t write the name of a city properly, how the heck do you think you will fare in a writing intensive setting? Come on people. Pay attention to the details. It will save you a lot of embarrassment and, hopefully get you a job.

Who do I blame?  The teachers?  The parents?  Maybe in part if you’re still under a decade old.  But now that you can read and you see experienced writers choose to capitalize things like cities, names, states, etc., maybe you should say “Why do they do that?”  If you need some pointers, PLEASE check out the link at the bottom of my post on grammar from a few weeks ago.  You’re a young professional.  You have got to start paying attention to the details.


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