Opinions & Committments

“Opinions are like noses.  Everybody has one.” — Some person long ago who should’ve copywrited the statement

Everyone has an opinion.  It is true.  Upon hearing about a topic, an opinion isformed.  Now, whether it is an informed one or not is a matter for a different article but, nonetheless, the opinion is what it is.

As educated young professionals, the goal is to have informed opinions but no one’s opinion begins as such.  So what I will say is, before speaking on/committing to a subject matter, think on it and make sure that you can stand behind your point of view/committment.  I’ll give a perfect (and current) example:  I recently decided I was going to embark on a spiritual journey that, even two days in, had proven more challenging than I had expected.  In under 48 hours, I was ready to make ammendments to my committment but my fiancée is the reason I’m sticking with it.  Not because she is on the journey with me but because I am only as good as the actions that align with my words.  In any relationship, be it platonic, romantic, or professional, you ought to invest enough in the opinions you publicize and the committments you make to stand by them.  If you cannot do that, keep them to yourself until you have a strong enough foundation/resolve upon which you can placethat opinion or committment, respectively. 


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