Don’t Take Me So Literally

Today I caught up with an old friend.  I haven’t seen him in a year (and before that I hadn’t seen him in about four).  He was my first best friend and he reads my blog and follows me on Twitter.  I tweeted a while back something along the lines of “If you’re wearing a black belt and brown shoes, we cannot talk.”  And he remembered and said one time his brown belt had snapped and he had to wear his black one with his brown shoes and do you know what I realized?  My level of professionalism can be intimidating, even to my good friends.  So, I want to say one thing: Don’t take what I say literally.  I am an aggressive teacher.  When I say things like that, I’m merely relaying business professional rules in a less than friendly manner.  I didn’t know a lot of the stuff I say 10 (or even five years) ago.  Life is all about learning and, if you’re growing from reading this stuff, you’re on the right page.  Even the fact that what I said stuck with him made me say “You know what?  I’m really reaching people.”  So know that, even though I know the rules, I’m not the enforcer.  Just the messenger.


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