The Plague

There is a plague ravishing American corporate culture.  That plague is called “Comfort.”  How often do you walk into an office and see women in leggings?  Or men in sneakers and jeans?  And all of this on a Tuesday?  I understand companies having relaxed cultures and maybe I’m just old-fashioned but there is something distinguished about having to lace up your hard bottoms and perfect your tie’s knot before stepping outside your front door each morning.  These days, it seems that every day is casual Friday.  Loosened ties with the top button undone and sleeves rolled up are slowly becoming the new standard.  But, I warn you, do not lose your way.  Do not lower your bar.  Always dress to impress.  There is a time and place for those rolled up sleeves and that loosened tie: 5:01PM.  Until you clock out, let them know you mean business.  You are still a young professional.  Dress like it.


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