Dreams on Life Support

So much time wasted.  So many dreams deferred.  And what for?  A paycheck?  I understand that we have to work to make ends meet.  But we don’t have to settle.  We don’t have to stop dreaming.  Don’t just survive.  If you’re going to work, make sure you’re saving toward something that will give your offspring a better quality of life than you had.  If you had an ideal quality, then make sure you’re able to maintain that for your legacy.  But don’t just work for a paycheck that doesn’t add any value to your life.  See, money doesn’t always add value.  Sometimes it just keeps you alive.  Living life just to stay alive is not living at all.  So take steps to get out of your nightmare and move toward your dream.  Whether that is in your current company, in another organization, or starting something of your own, go after it.  But don’t let your dream die.  I’ve seen too many pass away and haunt those that birthed them forever.

This post was inspired by a conversation I had this morning with a good friend of mine, Ms. Natasha Nicole Lake.  Make sure you take a moment to visit her website, http://www.natashalake.com/.  She is a great motivator and will challenge you to think harder.


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