Be a Perfectionist

I don’t believe anyone can be perfect.  I do believe that everyone can try to be perfect.  Mistakes will be made but that’s life.  Keep working to be better.  I don’t know how many times you have seen typos in my blog posts but I’ve caught a couple.  Why?  Because I’m not perfect.  What I am is disciplined enough to look back over my writing.  This blog is a part of my brand.  If I’m not trying to make it perfect, why would people pay for my services?

Now, I know trying hard is not a characteristic that is seen as being “cool” in our generation.  We want everything, from our outfits to out meals, to seem instant.  But I’ll be the first to say that it took time and effort for me to put together the outfits seen on Instagram.  Not time on that exact day, but it took me years to perfect my style.  You can ask my fiancée or best friend from high school how eccentric my outfits used to be.  The thing is I kept trying and now people look to me for guidance as their wardrobe stylist.  Why?  Because I had the dedication and discipline to keep developing.

The discipline is in the details.


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