The Difference

There is a fundamental difference in the words “difficult” and “uncomfortable.”   Many people say that reaching a level of success is difficult and I won’t say it’s not. But the reason most people won’t be successful is not because of the level of difficulty; it is because of the level of discomfort they feel as they stretch toward their goals.  Think about working out.  You know that discomfort you feel the day after?  That’s growth.  Well the same kind of discomfort is felt when you’re focused on strengthening your skill set.  One saying that’s often spoken in the wrong context is “It’s not rocket science.”  The saying implies one must be a genius to become a rocket scientist.  And, though you must have some semblence of intellect to hold that position, what truly sets many rocket scientists (and other generally successful people) apart is their ability to see past the discomfort and keep pressing toward their goals.  A runner with allergies isn’t going to stop running because he sees pollen on the ground.  He’s going to stay focused and push for as long as he can.  Why?  Because he knows the difference between “difficult” and “uncomfortable.”  And now, so do you.


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