Beating a Dead Horse

New clients of mine tell me exactly how seriously they take their success by when they show up to out introductory meeting.

For a long time, it upset me that everyone I worked with wasn’t as professional as I am.  Everyone doesn’t value proper attire or thank you cards or well-put-together LinkedIn profiles as much as I do.  But then I realized that this is what I do.  If everyone else could do it well, I would be out of work.  A large part of my role as a professional developement consultant is being patient with those who don’t know what I consider to be the staples of professionalism.

There is one staple, however, that is at the core of patience but that is non-negotiable: Timeliness.  I understand that life happens.  Traffic was heavier than expected.  Your kid took forever in the bathroom that morning.  Whatever.  I get it.  But if it is your first time meeting with me (or any consultant), be on time.  Anyone who is disciplined enough to be on time is disciplined enough to succeed.  But people who are late 100% of the time are going to get lucky, at best.  If you’re late our first time meeting, what is your percentage?  So what is my perception of you?

One of professors once told me that, at beginning of the semester, everyone starts with 100% and we, as students, determined how far our grades slipped from there.  The same holds true for how you are perceived.  Do all you can to make that perception a positive one. 


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