Under Promise and Over Deliver

Young professionals, I have one fundamental piece of advice for you: under promise and over deliver.  Sell yourself well but never sell a company/client on your very best sales day.  Sell them on a high average.  For instance, there have been times at Nordstrom when I was the top salesman in the store.  Do I harp on that in interviews?  No.  But I will speak of my consistent position within the top three in my department.  Therefore, when I do show up and give more than is expected of me, it is a celebration.  The problem often is that, when we over promise and under perform, we leave a bad taste in the mouths of those we’re working with.  I personally cannot control the number of people who need résumés and cover letters.  In addition, unless they take advantage of my interview prep, I cannot control how the interview goes.  What I am able to do is provide them with the tools needed to be successful and coach them into succeeding.  But all I promise is a great résumé.  That is how you wow your clients/employers. 


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