Set a Standard

So many in our generation love to go with the flow.  How we feel is how we act.  If we wake up and feel like working hard, we work hard.  If we’re in the mood to clean, we clean.  But what about those days we don’t feel like it?  On those days, discipline should keep up pressing toward the mark.  So today, I need you as a young professional to do commit to doing 3 things.  Not a geneal commitment though.  Our generation loves to commit to things without understanding their gravities.  We enter contracts while looking at the fine print for ways to break them.  We enter marriages with prenuptial agreements in hand to protect our assets in case anything goes awry.  Shoot, we don’t even like to commit our money to supporting artists who give us great music.  But, if you’re going to be effective in your career, I need you to commit yourself to these three things.  If you can do them, there is no way you can fail (and you can use them outside of professional development as well.

1 – Set a standard.  There must be a bar you will not allow yourself to fall below.  Now, you could set the bar at an easily attainable level but why not set it at one that will make you stretch some?  If there is no pain, there is no growth.

2 – Never lower that standard.  Even when you have reached your goals, don’t slack up.  Plenty of people are fighting to get where you are and, if you relax for one day, that might be the day they decide to work three times harder than ever before.  Don’t ever think you’re the only one with a certain goal or that you can’t be beaten.  You’re special but you’re not that special.

3 – Raise that standard.  You’re good but, as you grow, force yourself to get better.  Eventually, your stretch standard will creep into your comfort zone.  At that point, you’ve stopped growing and you really need to push yourself to develop a new skill set.

Commit today to setting a standard.  That may be reading an article a day.  It may be applying for 2 jobs on your lunch break.  It may be getting a paragraph of your business plan done each week.  Whatever it is, write it down, stick to it, and excel.


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