Developing Your Signature Move

We all know who dunked with his tongue sticking out of his mouth.  We also know who made the moonwalk one of the most famous dances of the twentieth century.  But you don’t have to have the initials M.J. to have a signature move of your own.

What are you passionate about?  For me, it’s professional development.  One aspect of that is résumé writing.  When I revamp someone’s résumé, it is always considerably better than it was before I laid hands on it.  But my signature move on résumés, if I have one in particular, is quantifying results with such detail that an employer cannot help but call the job candidate in for an interview.  That is my signature move.  You can try to replicate it but it will just be an imitation.  Kind of like seeing LeBron do what Mike used to do.  Yes, LBJ is great at what he does but there’s something about working with/seeing the original GOAT that people will always prefer over a great imitator.

Now, you don’t have to develop something to be the greatest of all time.  You just have to 1) perfect it and 2) when the opportunity comes to make it famous, you must be able to do that.  Michael Jackson did NOT invent the moonwalk.  In fact, Jeffery Daniels (no relation) did it on camera a year before anyone ever saw Mike do it.  But had you ever heard of Jeffery before today?  Nope.  I didn’t think so.  So, when you see something in your field that someone else does well, borrow it.  Throw your own spin on it (Mike Jax literally did that… he threw a spin at the end of the moonwalk.  Pretty cool signature).  Take ownership of it.  And it will be seen as yours.

What makes me want to work with you in your field?  Why should I purchase product-x or service-y from you instead of from Joe Blow from down the road who does the same thing but at a 10% discount?  Why should I give you a promotion instead of Jane Doe who is in the same position as you are right now but has been with the firm for 6 months longer?   When you go to work today, ask yourself “What skill am I great at, how can I perfect it, and what spin can I throw on it to make it recognizably mine?”  When you do that you will have a signature move and that, my friends, is a bargaining chip.


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