Is Your Brand Still Relevant?

When is the last time you’ve examined your brand?  When I say examined, I mean taking an honest inventory of your target market and looked at how your brand matched up with their needs.  How is your target market growing?  What shows are they watching?  When do they wake up?  Go to sleep?  What are their dietary concerns?  You need to know your target market inside and out, and then break them down further, by gender, race, and age group.

After you’ve done all this, re-imagine your brand from their point of view.  What it took me a long time to see was that the professional development services I was offering, the one that came as common sense to me, did not come as simply to everyone else.  And that is what you must realize is, if no one needed your services, you wouldn’t have any work.  So keep making your brand representative of your target market.  Connect with them.  Figure out what you can do to be more personable to them.  And do it.  Re-brand yourself every so often.  Not completely.  Just adding to the trim of the amazing painting that is you.  Do the small things.  Change your fonts.  Update the format of your website.  Add new categories.  But, above all else, make sure your brand remains relevant.  If not, you’re just as important to your target market as the one below is.



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