Identify and Expand

There are a few brands that only do one thing.  McDonald’s serves burgers and coffee.  Starbucks does coffee and sandwiches.  FedEx is now FedEx Kinkos and will ship the items it copies for you.  But all of these brands began with one product or service in mind.  They got good at that and decided that it was in their best interest to add on to it.  The same is true for me.  Initially, I knew I was great at résumé and cover letter development.  Then I knew I also had what it takes to get people dressed.  And I had been told I was one of the best interviewees that some HR professionals ever sat down with.  Now I consult people on all of those things and much more.  I identified my niche and I developed the other components that young professionals need to succeed.  My services allow me to be a one stop shop for the young man or woman who doesn’t know exactly where to start with getting to where he aspires to be in life.

How do you get out of that dead end job?  You polish yourself.  You sharpen your résumé and cover letter.  You enhance your image.  You establish your brand.  You invest in a professional development consultant to increase your chances of landing the entry level position that is on the path to the dream job that you deserve.  Let’s make this happen.


One Comment

  1. Great post, brief but definitely got me thinking. I’ve been considering finding someone to help with my professional development. I’m used to doing things on my own and trying to “make my own way” but it seems like I’ve hit a wall kind of. I get now that it’s time that I really start investing in myself and that includes reaching out for advice and assistance.


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