The Most Dangerous Place

When asked to define success, how often do we say “I just want to be able to live comfortably”?  I think in most cases, that is a legitimate and honorable goal.  But let’s talk semantics quickly: There is a difference between living comfortably and living in your comfort zone.  And, in your professional life (or any other aspect), living in your comfort zone can be the same as living in your grave.  I remember graduating from college and getting a great paying management job at a major retailer.  But I didn’t fit the company’s culture and I didn’t push myself to fit it.  Mind you, retail wasn’t the field I wanted to be in either way but the fact is, I chose my comfort over the money and stability.  Needless to say, the company and I amicably parted ways.  But if had toughed it out and pushed myself, I’d be making around six figures right now.

To me, that wasn’t a loss but a lesson.  I’ll make the money back.  But the problem is I missed an opportunity to strengthen myself and my future because I didn’t want it bad enough.  I had grown comfortable in my 8-5 undergraduate internships that provided me with my own office and company laptop.  I had tasted the fruits of what I thought a college degree ought to afford me and I wasn’t willing to accept any less. But now, seeing all the complications that such a single-track mindset brings, I forced myself to adapt.  Now I fight comfort.  I force myself to stretch to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.  Because, the moment you stop working at being the absolute best is the moment you should’ve been getting your opportunity at greatness.  And who knows which opportunity will be your last.  So strive to live comfortably but stretch to stay out of your comfort zone.

It took me quite some time to take ownership of the vices that were keeping me stagnant.  And after I identified them, it took me more time to fix them.  In the interest of saving yourself valuable time, reach out to me at and let’s figure out how we can get you on track to be as successful as possible.


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