The Problem

You know what the problem with this era of capitalism is?  All loyalty is given to the bottom line.  Companies see workers as expendable.  As opposed to the personnel departments of the mid-90s and before, humans have now become resources.  Depending upon the context, the word “resource” can have a positive denotation.  But when speaking in capitalist jargon, a resource is something developed to be used and discarded after no more value can be found in it.  Think about it: “I need resources to make this project a success.”  But what happens to those resources when the project is over?

So we as workers, who are often seen as expendable, are less likely to stay with a company unless it puts in an effort to retain us.  Like Cinderella’s prince, we go from job to job, praying that the shoe will fit somewhere.  But, as you can see from yesterday’s post, many companies aren’t investing in the happiness of their employees anymore.  Especially not the entry level employees who really need to be developed and retained.  Why, if you are boasting record profits, are you not making certain that your employees are enjoying a higher quality of life?  Because you want to appear to be increasing revenue and cutting back on spending.  But eventually this house of cards will fall.  Cataclysmically.

Don’t believe me?  Just watch.


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