Whatever the Discipline, Set the Bar High

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.  Neither is the creative field.  But more often than not, our generation wants to be that.  We can’t all develop start ups or be photographers who hop on a train to Toronto at drop of a dime.  This generation also needs those who aspire for the executive and/or the political office.  And if you are the latter rather than the former, don’t be ashamed.  Be proud.  Because you are going against the grain by doing what comes naturally: being you.  Don’t get brainwashed into the arts if you aren’t an artist.  And if you’ve never been interested in business, starting one to keep up is a terrible idea.  So take a good look at yourself and figure out where you want to be.  Set the bar high.  And go.



  1. Excellent point! I think that it’s interesting how many young minds are aspiring to pursuits that don’t align with their skill set. We have to know what we’re here to do and do it well.

    Great read! Well written.


  2. During my last year in college I was told that “Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.” All of my family wanted me to go for the “HIGH PAYING” jobs, such as the normal doctor, lawyer, etc. During college, everyone I was around wanted to start their own business and become their own boss. I think that generationally people believe a certain type of job or field determines success and happiness whether it is in the arts, small business ownership, or fields that require professional degrees. It took me a minute to finally realize that I had to sit back, not worry about what other people were doing, and think about what made me happy in life. I believe that it is okay for individuals to want to pursue certain goals, because sometimes it leads you to coming face to face with the thing that you should be doing. I received a degree in the medical field, graduated from college, found a great paying job, and worked there because I thought that’s what I was suppose to do. It took that experience to allow me the opportunity to realize what my passions were and what things in life I should be chasing for ME. Currently I am still not doing the things I love 100%, but I am a lot closer to those things that make me happy and work for me. Even though we won’t all be something we wanted at first, the path that it takes us on could lead to the road we were destined to follow! Sometimes you have to get lost in the crowd to finally realize that you would prefer to take your own way towards something that excites you. Great post brother!


    1. Thanks for sharing your story man. So many recent grads are still figuring out who they are personally and professionally but we want that immediate Mark Zuckerberg success. Doesn’t always happen that way right away but the fact that we keep pushing is what eventually gets us to that intersection of success and happiness.


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