You all remember Family Matters? How about Full House and Step by Step?  Everyone knows about Boy Meets World but, here’s the real test: The Wonder Years?*  For all of my 80’s/early 90’s kids, T.G.I.F. was what we looked forward to at the end of EVERY week.  Whether it was laughing at Steve Urkel ( swooning over Stephon Urkél for some) or seeing a heart-warming moment between Danny Tanner and Michelle, we all loved T.G.I.F. because it meant we were done with work (or in our cases, school which was the best full time job I’ve ever had.  Have you ever had nap time at work?  If so, did you have a job when you woke up?).

But that was at 8PM on Friday night.  The work week was over.  So why do we have the thought process at 9AM on a Friday morning that we don’t have to do anything?  I know that the week has been long.  You may have had a ton of projects that you worked on and you’ve tied up all your loose ends and now you just want to coast to 5PM (really 4:47 so that you can shut down your computer, walk away from your desk, pick up your lunchbox and pull out of the parking lot by 5PM) but let me appeal to your sense of ethos real quickly: You’re still on the clock.  You’re still being paid to do the best job you can.  And your performance determines how far you go in your company.  Work hard until the very end.  Your boss will appreciate it and, that one Friday you do have to step out early, (s)he will know that you work hard every week, making it less of an issue.

So, I implore you to finish the weekend out with a bang.  Give yourself a reason to celebrate this weekend.  Or, better yet, instead of easing out of your weekend, make your weekbegin much easier.  Take some of the stress off Monday by knocking out some email drafts that you know have to be sent by 8:30AM.  Make this a habit and you’ll thank yourself for it when your Mondays become less stressful.  Make sure you thank God it’s Friday, but let’s make T.G.I.F. an acronym for something else: The Grind Includes Friday.  Have a great weekend.  But only if you earned it.

*The first person to comment with the connection between the two shows in this sentence will receive a $10 iTunes gift card AND be entered to win the Daniels Daily Reader Gift Card Giveaway for the month of June (Click on the link to find the rules.  The winner will be drawn on July 3).  I can’t monitor your internet history but I’d hope you wouldn’t Google the answer.  It’s all in good fun so let’s see if you know your TGIF Trivia.


2 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.

  1. The Savage brothers! That’s the connection between the Wonder Years and Boy Meets World. Ben and Fred I think.

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