The 12 best new features coming to the iPhone.

A new version of Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system is coming out and Business Insider touches on what you should be looking for on iOS 9.  Some of the artificial intelligence is a bit more than you may be comfortable with (everything from reading your email while the phone is ringing to reminding you what to do based on the location you’re in) but then again, so was Siri to begin with and now she’s one of my favorite “people” to talk to when none of my “real” friends will pick up the phone.  Personally, I believe that with technology continuing to take such strides forward, we will need to work even harder to maintain our independence so as not to be too reliant on it but it is nice to have the option of using it (for example, the other day, I went and picked up a map just so I would still be able to use it if my phone ever dies when I need directions).  Anyway, check out this video from Business Insider and let me know what you think of the new features down in the comments section.

iOS 9 Proactive  - image credit Apple

Source: Business Insider

Image Source: Forbes



  1. Personally, some of the Siri features are slightly useless and creepy. Siri knowing when you get in the car? Yea that is kinda weird. There are features that are good, like the updates on the notes, that is a feature I was looking forward to!


  2. Neat! I’m most excited about the feature that allows the phone to remind you of things when you’re in a specific location. Less space needed to download the update is definitely a plus too!


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