Confident Communication

Yesterday, I posted about vocal fry, so I wanted to follow up with another post that touches on how to be a better communicator.

One thing that I wish more people did is communicate confidently.  I try to make sure that, whether I am speaking, typing, or writing, I end sentences with the proper punctuation.  If you don’t speak with confidence, it’s difficult for people to hear what you’re saying it because of how you say it.  But we live in an era where people stray from using periods in text messages because they don’t want to seem too cold.  The thing is, being certain of what you’re saying doesn’t mean you’re cold.  It just means that you’re unwavering in what you’re saying.  So be unwavering.  Know that you are saying what you’re saying and put a period at the end of it when a period ought to be there.  Stop ending statements with question marks.  Know what you’re saying and say it.  Don’t ask it.  You’ll go further in life as a leader and as a professional.

I’m going to end this with a poem by Taylor Mali that I love.  Listen and watch.


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