But It’s Free!

Your boss sends you an email.  Within this email is a webinar that teaches you how to do your job more effectively.  You don’t have any pressing deadlines to meet.  But you don’t register for the webinar.  Why is that?  It’s free education that could lead to you being more effective.  You being more effective could lead to a raise or, better yet, a promotion.  A promotion could lead to you succeeding your boss (or his/her boss).  But you don’t want to spend an hour learning?  Come on.  You’re getting paid to sit and listen for an hour.  You could honestly have your phone our and be texting if you so chose.

We have too many resources at our disposal to not take advantage of them.  Though anyone can read it, this blog targets young professionals.  We do NOT know it all.  No matter how much information we have at our fingertips, we still need to learn from those who have been there.  Sometimes wisdom is worth more than knowledge.  But when you take their wisdom and combine it with our knowledge, we could make a serious impact on the world.  But that means we have to be willing to take advantage of every learning opportunity we’re given.  So go back through your inbox and sign up for those webinars.  Read those articles that you were sent.  Look at those strategic plans left on your desk.   I’m not saying you have to do it all.  But I am saying you should do most of it.  1 – You’ll learn more and be better.  2 – You’ll look like you’re learning more and getting better.

Make professional development a priority.


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