What Are You Planning to Do?

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We’ve all heard this saying.  But how many of us take it to heart?  Every Sunday evening, I take time to polish my shoes that I’ve worn the week before.  I pack my lunches for the week ahead and get my gym bag together with everything I need for the week’s workouts.  I read the blogs that help me become a better consultant.  I iron my clothes for the next day and set them out.  These are the things that get me ready for Monday mornings so that I can take the week on seamlessly.

But that’s only my Sunday evenings.  I have a schedule that I (try to) follow to a T throughout the week.  Everything from reading the Bible to which days I’m open for lunch and which days I’m working out during my lunch break.  I won’t say that studies show that people who are organized live more productive lives but common sense would say that is true.

I’m not here to rant.  I’m just staying, when you put things down on paper and develop a routine, there is a great chance you will be more productive in all aspects of your life, professionally, personally, socially, spiritually, physically, and financially.  Now, my charge to you is to create a schedule this week and develop a routine you want to stick with (like my Sunday night routine).

Make professional development a priority.


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