What to Do When You Have 4 Hours of Work, but Only 2 Hours to Get It Done

So, I’ve been straying away from posting articles that I didn’t write as of late only because I want you all to have a unique and original point of view to look at when you visit The Reader but this Men’s Health article by Jada Green is great for tackling what needs to be tackled quickly.  

Don’t blow it: Flipping out when you feel stressed could hurt your health down the road, finds a new study from Penn State University.

Researchers tracked how people responded to minor stressors in their everyday lives, like getting stuck in traffic or arguing with a family member. Participants who lost their cool when things got dicey had higher levels of inflammation, which could lead to cancer, heart disease, and obesity later in life.

You can’t solve every single stressor all at once. But you can start small and focus on fixing one of the most common things that grind guys’ gears every day: feeling pressed for time.

“Men feel like there’s too much to do and too little time to do it,” says Men’s Health mental health advisor William Pollack, Ph.D. “They try to run a sprint when what they’re doing should be a marathon.”

Remember to do these two simple things every time you feel pinched:

Break It Down

When the clock is ticking on a Friday afternoon and you’ve still got a hefty to-do list, divide each task into smaller pieces, Pollack suggests. Then, put those pieces into one of three categories: what you definitely have to get done, what you’d like to get done, and what can be done later.

“When people prioritize, they realize that what seemed overwhelming isn’t as bad as they thought,” says Pollack. Plus, getting the most important things out of the way will make the non-essential stuff a breeze.

Say Your Mantra

When your head is spinning, take a second to calm yourself down by repeating this phrase in your head: “I will find a way to get this done.”

“It’s important to take a couple of breaths and realize that although time is limited, you’re going to find a way to make it work,” Pollack says.

Getting caught up in how busy you are makes you less productive and can lead to burnout. Whenever you’re working on overdrive to get things done, remind yourself that it’s only temporary. You’ll instantly feel better.

Source: Men’s Health

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