Identifying the End Goal

Those of you who have known me personally for a while know that poetry is one of my talents that I used to develop but now only explore from time to time.  But this morning, a poem came to me and it was about professional development.  So here it is.  I hope it speaks to those of you who feel that they are in dead end jobs.  I was in one too.


Day after day after day
Retailing away
Giving your time for a piece of the pie
Climb hard as you can, you will not get high
You could do more. You could do better
BA, MA, DR… You choose the letters
We cannot ever choose where we start
But where we end is driven by heart
Do what you must but don’t waste your time
Invest in yourself and don’t waste a dime
There has to be something better. Just don’t give in
Set a goal that, with your life, you’ll defend
A job is a job. Define a true passion
One that fits you, be it politics or fashion
Let that passion guide you to redefined success
Identify your end goal. Settle for no less


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