This is NOT What LinkedIn is For.

Right this moment, I’m at work. I decide to sign on LinkedIn b/c I have to learn more about an alumnus who is interested in donating to the School of Law. And this is what I see on my timeline as a result of a like from one of my connections:

Thankfully the director of my department didn’t happen to be walking into my office at that moment or he would’ve thought I was on Facebook or Instagram or something.

I’ve posted before about LinkedIn profile pictures but I didn’t think I’d have to worry about unprofessional selfies being posted to timelines. LinkedIn is not Facebook. It is for professional networking. Why are we turning it into a social hangout spot? I’ve seen plenty of Instagram posts floating around my timeline but most are inspirational posts so I figure, “Why not? Motivation is an important part of professionalism.” But the beach with your brother or husband or wife is not. So how about we get back to using LinkedIn for professional reasons only. Leave the rest of the stuff for the SOCIAL networks.

Oh, and if you’re on LinkedIn liking these photographs, you’re putting yourself in the same boat as the people who post them.  You’re causing the rest of your personal network to be subjected to unprofessional posts.

Disclaimer: I did not post this just because it was two guys.  Even if it were two gorgeous women, I’d say the same thing.  There is a time and place for everything.  LinkedIn is not the place for shades and shirtless photos.

Make professional development a priority.


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