Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Know that song?  I love it.  Probably one of the most memorable songs of the early 90’s.

Now, how does it relate to development?  Well, if you look at yesterday’s post, you will see that people are going to talk.  And, more than likely, they’re going to talk about the negative UNLESS you do such great work and have such a great attitude that they can’t.  Sure, someone is going to always be able to point out your flaws but, if you’re really giving your all to something, other people will stand by your work ethic when your commitment is called in to question.

I say all of that to say this: I am at work today.  I didn’t have to be.  I work so many hours in the office and at home that my 40 have been met and then some.  But I came in because I know that it will help me get ahead so that next week, I won’t be under the gun.  And, if more does get piled on me next week (which it will), I will have some cushion.  Am I leaving early today?  Heck yes!  I’m only in here for a few hours.  But my boss said “I didn’t expect to see you today.  I almost didn’t want to see you today but I’m glad you came in.”   That, on top of the email sent to him yesterday about me staying late means that good things are being said about me in the building.  I’d much rather be me than the person used in the example for yesterday’s post.  Wouldn’t you?


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