Stop Being Reactive

I was talking to one of my mentees the other day and he was telling me how he always has a ton of work on his desk.  And so do I.  But you know how it’s easier to see someone else’s flaws than your own?  Well that’s what happened today.  I know that he has his job as well as business aspirations and, most of the time, at his job, half of his attention is focused on his business.  So, I told him (and myself) what he needed to hear: He needs to stop allowing every slow day to be a slow day.  Slow days are the days he has to power through.  Get ahead.  That way, when he actually needs to use a slow day for his dreams, he can do so.

The same is true across the board.  In life, being proactive always helps.  In communication (if you know you’ll be late for work, it’s better to call ahead, right?).  As relates to fitness (it’s easier to maintain a healthy body than to work on an unhealthy one).  I could go on and on.  But, in short, you should do all you can when you can and you will find yourself a lot more stress free.

WifeGosh, I need to listen to myself and get up and wash these dishes like my fiancée “suggested.”  Time to be proactive.  Time to take control.



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