Developing a Multi-Dimensional Brand

This weekend, I had a GREAT weekend.  But I was seen in rare form.  A form that has been seen only a few times since college.  I was out, had drinks, and enjoyed my bachelor party.  I was on social media under the hashtag #D3sLastHurrah.  Does that clash with my professional brand?  Well, not really.  See, everyone, even the POTUS, has times where going out and having an awesome time is necessary and acceptable.

I used to be afraid to show the social aspects of my life.  But these days, I realize that people want to work with someone who is human.  Now, does that mean I go out and do body shots at strip clubs?  Of course not.  That’s not my style.  But going out to a nice lounge and having drinks with my bestman and close friends?  It shows that I’m not a robot that goes around discussing professional development all the time.  Or, another dimension of my life that is very prevalent is my relationship.  Everyone knows that I’m in love with a wonderful woman named Desirée Bell.  That is a part of my brand that will always come with me.  So are my fraternity brothers.  There are certain things about your brand that are non-negotiable and, if people don’t know that up front, you’re going to have a hard time injecting them after people begin working with you.

At my interview for my current job, I brought up my fraternity (one of the ladies interviewing me knew one of my big brothers) and my engagement (when I was asked if I had any pending trips, I mentioned my honeymoon).  Those are components of my brand that, though they are not my focus when at work, do play a role in my life.  My fraternity meets on monthly on Saturday so there are some work events that I may be late for.  My wife-to-be will always be my priority so they needed to know that.  But, as I said, if those who you work with know how multi-faceted your life is, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

I came back to work today and my boss said “Is your head still spinning?”  Of course, it isn’t but he knew that I would “responsibly” enjoy the weekend.  And I did.  But I’m here today looking great and working hard.


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